HRC Bali, Indonesia

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Unless otherwise marked, I only have ONE of the following pins.

Bali Beach Club and Bali Hotel pins are at the bottom of this list.

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Price Credit Card Orders
Bali 1995 Earth Day Logo with Globe, Panda, and Dolphins $31
Bali 1995 Christmas Gold Tree with star $12.50
Bali 1996 Christmas Logo with Saxophone and Red Ribbon, Qty=3 $9.50
Bali 1996 Halloween Smiling Pumpkin, Qty=2 $15.50
Bali 1997 Halloween Screaming Skulls, Qty=2 $12.50
Bali 1997 Happy New Year Saxophone with Sun, Qty=4 $9.50
Bali 1997 Valentine's Day Cupids with Heart, Qty=3 $9.75
Bali 1997 Christmas Santa with Surfboard $9.75
Bali 1997 4th of July Eagle with Flags - 500 made, Qty=5 $9.50
Bali 1998 New Year's Building with Palm Trees $12.50
Bali 1999 Halloween Skeleton with Pumpkin Head $12.50
Bali 2nd Anniversary Flying Garuda holding guitars $24
Bali 2nd Anniversary STAFF Shooting Stars $31
Bali 3rd Anniversary Surfer with Guitar $15.50
Bali 3rd Anniversary STAFF Microphone $46
Bali 4th Anniversary STAFF Hand holding Globe $46
Bali 49th Independence Day (1994) $46
Bali 50th Independence Day (1995) $19
Bali 51st Independence Day (1996), Qty=4 $12.50
Bali 52nd Independence Day (1997) $9.75
Bali 53rd Independence Day (1998), Qty=9 REDUCED $8.50
Bali Logo - Aids Awareness Ribbon (1996), Qty=2 $12.50
Bali Logo - Temple with Records, Qty=2 $9.50
Bali Beach Club Logo - Octopus and Surfboard, Qty=4 $9.50
Bali Beach Club Logo - Rubber Pin - Splash $6
Bali Beach Club Logo - Wham Bam I am a Clam!, Qty=3 $12.50
Bali Hotel 2000 Blasting into the Millennium Rocketship, "Jan 01, 2000" $9.50
Bali Hotel 3rd Anniversary Sun $12.50

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