HRC Bangkok, Thailand

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Price Credit Card Orders
Bangkok 1993 Christmas Snowman, Cream, Enamel $46
Bangkok 1994 Christmas Green Holly Leaf Double Neck Guitar without Enamel, Qty=2 $31
Bangkok 1994 Valentine's Day Cherub Playing Guitar, Enamel, Qty=2 $46
Bangkok 1994 Earth Day Globe with Animals blue and green without enamel, 400 made $46
Bangkok 1994 4th of July American Flag with All is One and Bald Eagle, Enamel $31
Bangkok 1995 Christmas Green Guitar w/Santa Hat and Bells, Qty=2 $12.50
Bangkok 1995 Halloween Witch Riding Broom no enamel, Qty=2 $21
Bangkok 1995 July 4th Strat Guitar with Mt. Rushmore and US Flag, Qty=3 $24
Bangkok 1995 Earth Day with Sea Turtle, Elephant, Toucan, and Manatee, Qty=2 $28
Bangkok 1996 Earth Day Dolphin with WHITE Dolphin  **NOT A CLONE** $31
Bangkok 1996 4th of July Flag Logo with Star Spangled Top Hat $12.50
Bangkok 1996 Christmas 2 Pin Set, White and Red Crossed Guitars $24
Bangkok 1996 Christmas Red Crossed Guitars $12.50
Bangkok 1996 Christmas White Crossed Guitars, Qty=3 $12.50
Bangkok 1997 Asian Basketball Confederation (ABC) Pin $46
Bangkok 1997 4th of July Liberty Bell Red White and Blue Guitar, Qty=5 $12.50
Bangkok 1997 4th of July Statue of Liberty with 2 Flags, Qty=5 $12.50
Bangkok 1997 Christmas 2 Pin Set, White and Green Xmas Trees with Guitars, Qty=3 $21
Bangkok 1997 Earth Day Double Neck Guitar with Blue and Pink Dolphins, Pink on Top $12.50
Bangkok 1997 Valentine's Day Harp with Angel and Roses, Qty=4 $12.50
Bangkok 1997 Halloween Ghost holding a guitar $12.50
Bangkok 1998 Earth Day Deer, Elephant and Tiger, Qty=3 $12.50
Bangkok 1998 Halloween Red Devil White Guitar with Pumpkin Logo, Qty=2 $15.50
Bangkok 1998 Thai Victory Drum Red $12.50
Bangkok 1998 Valentine's Day Harp with Roses and Heart, Qty=2 $12.50
Bangkok 1998 Christmas Guitar with wreath $9.50
Bangkok 1999 4th of July American Eagle with Liberty Crown, Qty=4 $9.50
Bangkok 1999 Christmas Sleigh Guitar with Santa and Reindeer, Qty=3 $9.50
Bangkok 1999 Halloween Millennium Black Flying V with Masks $12.50
Bangkok 1999 Valentine's Day Guitar with Dancer and Roses, Qty=3 $12.50
Bangkok 2000 Halloween Guitar with Winged Demon on Pumpkin $12.50
Bangkok 2001 Calendar Girl - September $9.75
Bangkok 3rd Anniversary Female Thai Dancer's hat with flowers $93
Bangkok 3rd Anniversary Male Thai Dancer's hat with gold $93
Bangkok 4th Anniversary Red Les Paul with White HRC Building $28
Bangkok 6th Anniversary STAFF Nite Star $63
Bangkok 7th Anniversary, Boat Shaped Thai Musical Instrument, Qty=2 $12.50
Bangkok 8th Anniversary Flowers, Qty=4 $9.75
Bangkok 9th Anniversary Gold Pot with Dragon Man $9.75
Bangkok Drums - Purple Enamel, Qty=4 $9.50
Bangkok Guitar - Blue Hawaii Elvis Presley Gold/Silver Guitar Set $24
Bangkok Guitar - Doubleneck Black With Flames, Red Hard Rock, Enamel $46
Bangkok Guitar - Les Paul Red and Gold, Mesh Back $31
Bangkok STAFF - 12 Million Sales Silver Pin $46
Bangkok Logo - Aid's Ribbon Red without Enamel, Qty=2 $12.50
Bangkok Logo - Emerald Temple, no Enamel, Light Blue Bar, Qty=2 $19
Bangkok Logo - Teddy Bear, Enamel $95
Bangkok Logo - Red Square Pin with Gold Record $24
Bangkok Logo - Save the Planet Blue Globe on Black Bar, Enamel, Qty=2 $12.50
Bangkok Logo - Save the Planet, Light Blue Globe on Blue Bar, Enamel, Qty=4 $12.50


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