Hard Rock Cafe Beijing & Shanghai

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Beijing 1996 Earth Day Dolphin, Qty=3 $12.50
China (Beijing) 1997 4th of July Eagle with Flags, 500 made, Qty=5 $12.50
Beijing 1997 Halloween Skulls $12.50
Beijing 1998 4th of July American Flags $9.50
Beijing 1999 Valentine's Day Hearts with Cupid, Qty=3 $9.50
Beijing 1999 4th of July USA Country Logo $9.50
Beijing 2000 Valentine's Day Cupid with Flying Heart, Qty=2 $9.50
Beijing Opening Panda (1994) $121.50
Beijing 2nd Anniversary Star Logo with Instruments, Qty=2 $19
Shanghai 1996 Halloween Smiling Pumpkin, Qty=2 $15.50
Shanghai 1997 Halloween Screaming Skulls, Qty=4 $12.50
Shanghai 1998 Christmas Angel in Santa Suit with horn, Qty=3 $9.50
Shanghai 2000 Halloween Vampire $12.50
Shanghai 2001 4th of July Roadster Car, 500 made $9.75

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