Hard Rock Cafe Hollywood

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City Description Price Credit Card Orders
Hollywood 1996 25 Years of Rock Flames Logo, Qty=7 $12.50
Hollywood 1996 25 Years of Rock Silver Logo, Qty=7 $12.50
Hollywood 1998 Rockettes Christmas Spectacular, 750 made  Qty=4 REDUCED $24
Hollywood 1998 Christmas Sleigh  $6.50
Hollywood 1999 Valentine's Day Cupid with Harp Guitar, Qty=2 $12.50
Hollywood 2000 Christmas Light Bulb with Guitar, Qty=2 $9.50
Hollywood 2000 Earth Day Save the Planet, 700 made $9.50
Hollywood 2000 Pindemonium 2 Pin Set:  Uncle Dan and Waitress $19
Hollywood 2001 Pindemonium 2 pin set:  Uncle Dan and Kitchen Staff, Qty=2 $19
Hollywood 2001 Happy New Year Champagne Bottle, Qty=3 $9.50
Hollywood 2001 Countdown to 2002 - December 11th $15.50
Hollywood 2001 CREED Shirt, With Arms Wide Open Foundation $9.75
Hollywood 2001 Christmas Waitress $9.75
Hollywood 2002 Cinco de Mayo Girl with Mexican Flag and Bullet Belt, Qty=2 $9.75
Hollywood 2002 Soccer Logo with Film strip, Qty=2 $8.50
Hollywood 30th Anniversary Cheeseburger Logo with Hinged Bun, 30th logo is inside $15.50
Hollywood 30th Anniversary 'H' in Hard $12.50
Hollywood 30th Anniversary 'O' in Rock $12.50
Hollywood Grand Opening Palm Tree, Qty=2 $19
Hollywood 4th Anniversary Waitress on Quadruple Neck Guitar, Qty=2 $19
Hollywood 6th Anniversary Sexy Girl with Drums, Qty=3 $15.50
Hollywood Drums - Lt. Blue $9.50
Hollywood Logo - Adrian Construction Worker 2500 made, Series II, Qty=4 $9.50
Hollywood Logo - Basketball Players $9.50
Hollywood Logo - Marty, Series 1 Construction Worker, Qty=2 $12.50
Hollywood Logo - Palm Tree w/Construction worker and Beer can, 2500 made, Qty=5 $12.50
Hollywood Logo - Save the Planet Logo, Discontinued $7.50
Hollywood Logo - Tattoo of Flames $9.75
Hollywood Logo - Teddy Bear, fuzzy $9.75
Hollywood Set - 4 Pin "Love" set in Black Leather Case: All You Need is Love, Love is the Drug, Give Peace a Chance, Sowing the Seeds of Love, Qty=2 $31
Hollywood Waitress - Pre-Opening 95 Blonde Waitress in Pink outfit, Qty=2 $19
Hollywood Waitress - Pre-Opening 95 Red Headed Waitress, Qty=8   **REDUCED** $12.50
Hollywood Waitress - Red Headed Waitress, HRC Back  Qty=18 $9.50

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