Hard Rock Cafe International

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City Description Price Credit Card/Paypal Orders
HRC Int'l 1991 20th Anniversary Guitars Logo, Qty=6 $39.50
HRC Int'l 1992 Christmas Logo with Santa Hat, Qty=10 $21
HRC Int'l 1993 Christmas Button $5
HRC Int'l 1993 Christmas Tree with Ornament, Qty=16  **REDUCED** $15.50
HRC Int'l 1994 Christmas Snowman, Qty=12 $12.50
HRC Int'l 1995 Christmas Candy Cane, Qty=31  **REDUCED** $8.50
HRC Int'l 1996 Christmas Horn, Qty=41  **REDUCED** $5
HRC Int'l 1996 25th Anniversary Heart and Dagger  Qty=27   **REDUCED** $9
HRC Int'l 1997 Christmas Snowflake Guitar  Qty=38   **REDUCED** $5
HRC Int'l 1998 4th of July American Flags with Logo, Qty=11 $12.50
HRC Int'l 1998 Rock The House Habitat for Humanity 6-14-98, Qty=9  **REDUCED** $5.50
HRC Int'l 1999 4th of July Logo with Shooting Stars and Top Hat, Qty=10  *REDUCED* $8
HRC Int'l 2000 Keep on Rockin' 2000 to the Next Millennium 3000, Qty=6 $5
HRC Int'l 2000 In Memory of "Uncle" Dan 1948-2000 Worldwide Pin, Qty=16 $5.50
HRC Int'l 2002 Winter Games Olympics pin, US Flag with Skier, Oval and swivels, Qty=3 $12.50
HRC Int'l Guitar - Les Paul Black NO NAME, FC Parry type clasp, Polished back, Qty=3 $93
HRC Int'l Lipton Series - Elvis Presley $12.50
HRC Int'l Lipton Series - Willie Nelson, Qty=5 $9.50
HRC Int'l Lipton Series - Coolio, Qty=2 $9.50
HRC Int'l Lipton Series - James Brown, Qty=4 $9.50
HRC Int'l Logo - Elton John Aids Foundation Gold Star with Red Ribbon $15.50
HRC Int'l Logo - Microsoft NCR Convention Pin, only given out to VIPs, Qty=2 $37
HRC Int'l Logo - Global Tribe of Rock & Roll, Qty=5 $12.50
HRC Int'l Logo - Yellow Enamel NO NAME, Mesh Back, 3LT, Qty=2 $46
HRC Int'l Records Gold Record with Red Letters in Hard Rock  Qty=4  *REDUCED** $8
HRC Int'l Records Metal Guitar, Qty=10  **REDUCED** $8
HRC Int'l Records Silver Record Blue Letters, Qty=9    *REDUCED** $8
HRC Int'l Records Surfboard w/Sun  Qty=17   **REDUCED** $8


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