HRC Jakarta, Indonesia

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City Description Price Credit Card Orders
Jakarta 1994 Christmas White Acoustic with Bells and Mistletoe $24
Jakarta 1994 Earth Day Globe with Animals $46
Jakarta 1995 Earth Day Globe with Panda Bear and Dolphins, 500 made, Qty=2 $31
Jakarta 1995 Gold Christmas Tree with Star, Qty=2 $15.50
Jakarta 1995 Halloween Bat with Pumpkin Head, 500 made,  Qty=5 $19
Jakarta 1996 Halloween Smiling Orange Jack O' Lantern, Qty=2 $15.50
Jakarta 1996 Christmas Logo with Saxophone and Ribbon, Qty=3 $9.50
Jakarta 1997 4th of July Eagle with Flags - 500 made, Qty=3 $12.50
Jakarta 1997 Christmas Stocking with Reindeer and Instruments $9.50
Jakarta 1997 Halloween Screaming Skulls, Qty=2 $12.50
Jakarta 1998 4th of July USA with Statue of Liberty, Qty=7 $9.50
Jakarta 1998 Christmas Snowman, Qty=7 $9.50
Jakarta 1998 Reformation Flag with White Peace Symbol, Qty=5 $12.50
Jakarta 1998 Reformation Flag with Teal Peace Symbol, Qty=4 $12.50
Jakarta 1998 Reformation Flag with Peach Peace Symbol $12.50
Jakarta 1999 Earth Day Sunflower Logo, Qty=2 $9.50
Jakarta 2000 Countdown to the Millennium Pin, Qty=4 $12.50
Jakarta 2000 Earth Day Tree Branch Logo, Qty=5 $9.50
Jakarta 2000 Easter Egg with Bunny Rabbit, Qty=2 $9.50
Jakarta 2001 4th of July Roadster Car with American Flag, Qty=2 $9.50
Jakarta 49th Independence Day Double Guitars with Flag (1994) $63
Jakarta 55th Independence Day Black Guitar Pic with Garuda $9.75
Jakarta 1st Anniversary Flag Colored Logo with #1, Qty=2 $51.50
Jakarta 2nd Anniversary Rhino with Red Guitar $46
Jakarta 2nd Anniversary STAFF Musical Note with Flag on Logo $77.50
Jakarta 3rd Anniversary Globe with 2 guitars and tower of Flame $24
Jakarta 5th Anniversary, Five Years and Still Rockin' Logo with Flames, Qty=2 $9.75
Jakarta 6th Anniversary 6 Pin Puzzle Set with Case, Qty=2 $55.50
Jakarta 6th Anniversary STAFF French Horn, Qty=2 $46
Jakarta 7th Anniversary STAFF Saxophone with Globe $46
Jakarta 8th Anniversary STAFF Gold Records $28
Jakarta Drums - Lt. Blue, grid back, 3lc $9.50
Jakarta Drums - Lt. Blue w/o enamel and Red Bar $9.50
Jakarta Guitar - Gibson Black $9.50
Jakarta Guitar - Les Paul Black w/o enamel $12.50
Jakarta Guitar - Les Paul Red cloisonné $46
Jakarta Logo - Aids Ribbon (circa 1995-96), Qty=5 $12.50
Jakarta Logo - Black Pin with 8 Horses in front of Skyline (Ramayana Pin), Qty=4 $12.50
Jakarta Logo - City Skyline with animated blue Car and red Stratocaster on Logo, Qty=3 $12.50
Jakarta Logo - Fan with kids $9.50
Jakarta Logo - Rhino in Black Leather Jacket Playing a guitar, Qty=4 $9.75
Jakarta Logo - Save the Rhino $9.75

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