HRC Mexico City, Cabo, Guadala. , & PV

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Unless otherwise marked, I only have ONE of the following pins.

This section contains pins from Cabo San Lucas, Guadalajara, Mexico City, & Puerto Vallarta.

City Description Price Credit Card Orders
Cabo San Lucas Logo - Save the Planet $9.50
Cabo San Lucas Logo - Small White Jukebox $9.75
Mexico City 1994 Christmas Red Poinsettia Flower, Qty=3 $15.50
Mexico City 1996 Mexican & US Flag colored Explorers with Soccer Ball (World Cup of Soccer) $46
Mexico City Logo - Enamel Logo with Gold Angel de la Independencia $15.50
Mexico City Logo - Mini Enamel, 3LT $12.50
Mexico City Motorcycle - gray & red Fenders and Gas Tank, Qty=2 $12.50
Mexico City Motorcycle - teal Fenders & Gas Tank and large white Spokes $19
Mexico City Motorcycle - white & blue Fenders and Gas Tank, Qty=2 $12.50
Mexico City Motorcycle - yellow & checkered Fenders and checkered Gas Tank, Qty=2 $28
Puerto Vallarta Logo - Grid Back, 3LT, Enamel Dark Brown $12.50
Puerto Vallarta Logo - Peace Sign with Flowers and Peace & Rock $31
Puerto Vallarta Motorcycle - Blue and White Fenders and Blue Gas Tank with Saddlebags $31
Puerto Vallarta Piano - Black $12.50

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