Hard Rock Cafe Orlando

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Unless otherwise marked, I only have ONE of the following pins.

Pins from Orlando, Orlando LIVE, Orlando HOTEL, & VAULT are listed here.

Orlando Hotel, Live, & Vault are at the bottom.


Description Price Credit Card Orders
Orlando 1995 Bike Night Motorcycle, Qty=3 $15.50
Orlando 1996 Easy Ride Motorcycle with Flames and Wings $12.50
Orlando 1998 Christmas Sleigh, Qty=2 $6.50
Orlando 1998 Halloween Bat hanging upside down on Logo, 500 made, Qty=3 $12.50
Orlando 1999 STAFF Banquets Chef Pin $63
Orlando 1999 4th of July Alligator in Star Spangled Hat $9.50
Orlando 1999 Christmas Happy Holidays Stocking with Guitars and Candy Canes, Qty=6 $9.50
Orlando 1999 Halloween Skull and Crossbones Guitar, Qty=2 $12.50
Orlando 1999 Valentine's Day Cupid playing Guitar Harp $8.50
Orlando 1999 6th Anniversary Give Kids the World Pin Run $9.50
Orlando 2000 Mardi Gras Clown, Qty=5 $9.75
Orlando 2001 Celebrity Slam Softball Tournament, 500 made $9.50
Orlando 2001 Thanksgiving Pilgrim with Microphone and sunglasses, 500 made, Qty=2 $9.75
Orlando 2001 Runner with "Run it up for Diabetes", Qty=2 $9.75
Orlando 2003 Winter Carnival Unicorn $12.50
Orlando 5th Anniversary Blue Roman Numeral V with Yellow Crown, Qty=10 $15.50
Orlando 5th Anniversary STAFF Yellow Roman Numeral V with Lt. Blue Crown, Qty=3 $24
Orlando Guitar - Les Paul Black Enamel, Mesh Back, Qty=2 $51.50
Orlando Guitar - Les Paul Red Horizontal Enamel, Mesh Back $46
Orlando Guitar - Les Paul Red Horizontal Orange Logo, 2LC  REDUCED $12.50
Orlando Guitar - Les Paul Red Horizontal Orange Logo, 4LC $19
Orlando Guitar - Les Paul Red Horizontal Yellow Logo, 4LC Small Grid, Qty=4 $19
Orlando Logo - 18th Hole with crossed golf clubs, Qty=7 $9.50
Orlando Logo - "In Memory of The Bass Man" Hot Air Balloon $63
Orlando Logo - Mini, Qty=6 $9.50
Orlando Logo - Orange, 4LC $12.50
Orlando Logo - Sexy Construction Worker with Jackhammer $9.75
Orlando Logo - Yellow Enamel, Mesh Back, 3LT, Qty=2 $31
Orlando Logo - Yellow, Qty=2 $9.75
Orlando Motorcycle - James Dean Teal Green Scooter / Motorcycle, Qty=12 *REDUCED* $5
Orlando Waitress - Bowling on Keyboard with notes  $12.50
Orlando Hotel Logo - Golf Cart $8.50
Orlando Hotel Logo - Hurricane Glass with Umbrella and Flaming Bikini $12.50
Orlando Hotel Waitress - Maid with Sheet Music, Qty=2 $9.50
Orlando Live 1999 4th of July Uncle Sam Wants You, Qty=6 $9.50
Orlando Live 1999 OpeNing Year Double Guitars $15.50
Orlando Live 1999 OpeNing Year Double Guitar Grand Opening with case, Qty=3 $27
Orlando Live Guitar - Strat Blue and White, Qty=5 $9.50