Hard Rock Cafe San Diego

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City Description Price Credit Card Orders
San Diego 1996 25 Years of Rock Flames Logo,  Qty=5 $12.50
San Diego 1996 25 Years of Rock Silver Logo, Qty=3 $12.50
San Diego 1999 December Calendar Girl in Santa Outfit, Qty=2 $12.50
San Diego 1999 Christmas Wreath, Qty=2 $6.50
San Diego 2001 Power Boat Race, speed boat with flames, Qty=2 $9.75
San Diego 2001 Street Scene Pretty Girl Singing $9.75
San Diego 2001 Baseball Opening Day Batter, 500 made $9.75
San Diego 2001 Creed Charity Shirt, 300 made $12.50
San Diego 2003 New Year's Martini Glass with Sexy Girl in Black Dress $12.50
San Diego 30th Anniversary 'H' in Hard, Qty=2 $9.50
San Diego 30th Anniversary 'A' in Hard $9.50
San Diego 2nd Anniversary Maritime Motif with keyboard, Qty=6 $9.50
San Diego Drums - Blue, orange center $9.75
San Diego Drums - Blue, yellow center, Qty=4 $9.75
San Diego Drums - Red, Qty=2 $9.75
San Diego Guitar - Chuck Berry NO NAME, mesh back, Qty=3 $46
San Diego Guitar - Les Paul HORIZONTAL White, Mesh Back, 3LT, Qty=2 $46
San Diego Logo - Pray for Surf Crossed Surfboards, Qty=3 $12.50
San Diego Logo - Save the Planet, Qty=2 $9.50

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