Scratch and Dent

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Every so often when I buy a collection or get pins in the mail, I find that they are damaged or missing cloisonné. 9 times out of 10, the pin front is perfect but the back is damaged.  I have decided to list these pins here at a very reduced cost for people who like to display pins in a case and don't care about the back or a little missing cloisonné.

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Unless otherwise marked, I only have ONE of the following pins.

City Description Price Credit Card Orders
Bangkok 1994 Halloween Skull and Crossbones Guitar, Neck is broken off and missing $12.50
Chicago Set - 4 Pin Menu set, guitar has a broken back, other 3 pins are fine $19
Cleveland Opening STAFF, nicks in Cloisonné $37
HRC America Logo - Orange, No Name, Mesh Back, No text, back is broken off, Qty=2 $9.50
Kuala Lumpur Guitar - 3D Silver missing pin in back $6.50
Las Vegas Hotel Logo - Gold, White trim, Blue Hard Rock, 1 of 500 on back, missing some cloisonné ($51.50 if mint) $28
Madrid 4th Anniversary F. C. Parry (pin on back is broken) $12.50
Nashville 1995 Bike Night Motorcycle with wings (back has come unglued) $6.50
Newport Beach Piano - Black Piano, back has been repaired $6.50
Online Waitress with Lightning from 5 pin Cocktail Girl Set, Qty=2 $9.50
Orlando 5th Anniversary STAFF Yellow Roman Numeral V with Crown, missing some cloisonné $12.50
Reykjavik Logo - Island Black, missing enamel (common in pins from Reykjavik) $6.50
Reykjavik Logo - Island Black, missing enamel (common in pins from Reykjavik) $6.50
Reykjavik Logo - Island, missing all enamel (common in pins from Reykjavik) $8
Stockholm 1993 Green Les Paul Guitar with 93 on Neck, enamel covers clasp so it cannot be opened, front is perfect and pin is intact. Valued at $39.50 if clasp could open  SPECIAL only 200 made, Qty=4 $9.50

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