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Description Price Credit Card Orders


Opening Staff Atlantic City, Qty=2 $93
Opening Staff Cape Town   *HRC is Closed* $121.50
Opening Staff Cleveland $77.50
Opening Staff Denver, Qty=3 $77.50
Opening Staff Dubai $136.50
Opening Staff Gatlinburg Motorcycle $77.50
Opening Staff Hollywood Palm Tree, Qty=8  **REDUCED** $49.50
Opening Staff Indianapolis Race Car, Qty=4 $77.50
Opening Staff Key West Tropical Drink, Qty=4 $77.50
Opening Staff Kona Tiki Idol $77.50
Opening Staff Lake Tahoe Snowboarder, Qty=3 $77.50
Opening Staff Las Vegas Hotel Rocker (1995)       $77.50
Opening Staff Memphis, Qty=4 $77.50
Opening Staff Miami, Qty=6 $93
Opening Staff Nashville Cowboy Boots $93
Opening Staff Niagara Falls Blue Falls, Red Guitars, Qty=6 $77.50
Opening Staff Orlando Gators on Neck of Guitar, Qty=5  **SALE** $64.50
Opening VIP Gift Orlando Kingdom of Rock Guitar, Qty=2 $77.50
Opening Staff Osaka, Qty=3 $63
Opening Staff Philadelphia, Qty=2 $77.50
Opening Staff Sacramento State of California, Qty=3 $63
Opening Staff Saipan 1998, Qty=2   **REDUCED** $42.50
Opening Staff Salt Lake City Snowboard, Qty=5 $77.50
Opening Staff San Diego Pic with Palm Trees, Qty=3 $82.50
Opening Staff St. Louis, Qty=4 $77.50


Dallas MERCH Cap with # 1 $121.50
Dallas MERCH Cap with # 2 $121.50
Dallas MERCH Cap with # 3 $121.50
Dallas MERCH Shirt with # 2 $121.50
Dallas MERCH Shirt with # 3 $121.50
Manager of the Year Sterling Silver ribbon w/ Case  REDUCED $121.50
Gold Top Rocker Elvis (President's Award Pin) $93
Cafe of the Quarter Velvet Elvis Pin $77.50
CEO VIP Sheriff's Star, Qty=9 $31
Director of Operations Gold Record Award Pin  Qty=23  REDUCED $15.50


Atlanta 5th Anniversary Staff Version $24
Bali 3rd Anniversary STAFF Microphone $46
Bali 4th Anniversary STAFF Hand holding Globe $46
Bangkok 12 Million Sales Silver Pin $46
Bangkok 6th Anniversary Staff Nite Star $63
Copenhagen 3rd Anniversary STAFF Pig, 200 made $46
Honolulu Gold No Name Les Paul  Qty=4 $39.50
Jakarta 2nd Anniversary STAFF $77.50
Jakarta 6th Anniversary STAFF, Qty=2 $46
Jakarta 7th Anniversary STAFF $46
Johannesburg 1st Year Service Star, # 171/250 $21
Johannesburg 2nd Year Service Star, # 171/250 $19
Kuala Lumpur 3rd Anniversary STAFF Building $46
Kuala Lumpur 4th Anniversary STAFF Gray Square with globe and guitar $46
Kuala Lumpur 6th Anniversary STAFF Guitar $63
Las Vegas Hotel STAFF 1997 Corporate Challenge $46
Las Vegas Hotel STAFF 1997 Christmas Snowflake $31
London 18th Anniversary STAFF Gold Record, some flaking and wear $42.50
London 18th Anniversary STAFF some minor scratches $55.50
London 20th Anniversary STAFF Square Logo $63
London 21st Anniversary STAFF Brass Key $210.50
London 22nd Anniversary STAFF Brass Drum $151.50
London 23rd Anniversary STAFF Baseball Cap, Brass, Qty=2 $115.50
London 24th Anniversary STAFF Red Guitar with Brass 24, Qty=2 $115.50
London 25th Anniversary STAFF XXV Logo $210.50
London 26th Anniversary STAFF Building, Brass $151.50
London 27th Anniversary STAFF Guitar, Brass $151.50
London 28th Anniversary STAFF Brass Hamburger $151.50
Los Angeles 1996 Pow Wow Convention Pin, Qty=26  SPECIAL PRICE (was $37) $21
Miami 5th Anniversary STAFF Black V, Qty=2 $19
Nashville In Memory of Brian Hoskins Double Pianos, Qty=14    REDUCED $12.50
Orlando 5th Anniversary Staff Version Blue Crown, Qty=3 $24
Orlando 1999 Chef Banquet's Pin $63
Osaka 1996 Blue Staff Badge $93
Paris 6th Anniversary STAFF $63
 Reykjavik 1996 STAFF Christmas Tree Logo with JOL F.C. Parry $51.50
 Reykjavik 1998 STAFF Halloween Bat Wings Logo F.C. Parry $31
 Reykjavik 1999 STAFF "Offroad Race" Logo w/ Offroad Car F.C. Parry $19
Singapore 4th Anniversary Staff #4 with 4 Stars $37
 Stockholm - 1995 White Badge, Qty=2 $63
 Stockholm - 1996 Black Badge $63
 Stockholm - 1997 Green Badge $63
 Stockholm - 1998 Christmas STAFF Viking Snowman $46
 Stockholm - 1998 Halloween STAFF Tombstone with Viking Helmet $46
 Stockholm - 1999 Red Badge $63
 Stockholm - 1999 Halloween Skull Guitar $46
 Stockholm - 1999 Pin March Strat Flag "Uncle Dan" $63
 Stockholm - 2000 Millennium Teddy Bear $93
 Stockholm - 13th Anniversary Purple Square, Qty=2 $33.50
 Stockholm - Guitar - Flying V Zebra Striped with Staff $46
 Stockholm - Set of 5 Colored Pins (Cap, Guitar, Star, T-Shirt, Logo) 100 made $77.50
 Stockholm - Waitress 1997, Black Hair, White Dress, Black Strat, Black Bar, 100 made $77.50
 Stockholm - Waitress 1998, Blonde Hair, Red Vest, Tray of Glasses, 100 made $77.50


School of Hard Rocks Company Training Store, Qty=2 $21
Zebra Striped Flying V Guitar, Qty=11  REDUCED $15.50
Blue Hero Ribbon, Qty=16 $31
Bright Ideas Light Bulb, Qty=5 $39.50
Small Pewter Beer Cap HRC Beer Roll Out 1998 Qty=12  REDUCED $9.50
Large Pewter Beer Cap HRC Beer Roll Out 1998 $37
Safety "Clip" pin $19
Safety 7's Pin, Qty=2 $19
1996 Jim Berk's Party Christmas Headstock Snowflake with Holidays '96, Qty=7 $31


ORIGINAL Solid Red Hero Star with Silver Trim, Qty=5 $46
Hero Star, Silver with Red Trim and Yellow Center, Qty=17 $19
Black All Star, Yellow letters, Lt. Blue interior, Qty=6 $15.50
Large Asian Black All Star Blue Center Yellow Letters, 2LC Qty=2 $63
Elton John Gold Star with Red Aids Ribbon and "All is One" (1995), Qty=12 $15.50
1995 All Star, Qty=3 $15.50
1996 All Star Qty=5 $19
Purple Rock Star, Qty=31  REDUCED $8
White Rock Star (slight chip in top point enamel) $15.50
White Rock Star, Qty=7 $24
Red Rock Star, Qty=9 $24
Blue Rock Star, Qty=6 $24


1994 Pink Ambassador Heart, Qty=4 $63
Faded 1995 Pink Ambassador Heart $15.50
1995 Pink Ambassador Heart, Qty=6 $21
1996 Purple Ambassador Heart, Qty=3 $19
1997 Fuchsia Ambassador Heart, Qty=14 $12.50
Sterling Silver Employee of the Month T-Shirt (original emp. of the month pin), Qty=2 $63
Sterling Silver Employee of the Month Globe, Qty=13 $21
401k Rainbow w/Pot o' Gold, Qty=12 $21
TCB (Taking Care of Business) Sterling Silver Crown, Qty=3 $31
TCB (Taking Care of Business) Gold Crown, Qty=28    REDUCED $12.50
T&B Kitchen Staff, Dark Br., Enamel, Qty=13 $19
T&B Kitchen Staff, Lt. Br., Enamel Qty=5 $15.50
T&B Kitchen Staff, Orange, Enamel  Qty=6 $39.50
T&B Kitchen Staff, Cloisonne $15.50
White T-shirt Merchandise Pin, Qty=4 $12.50
Red Menu Server Pin, Qty=9 $9.50
Bartender Hurricane Glass, Qty=4 $12.50
Busser Lightning Bolt $12.50
Broiler Crossed Knives, Qty=4 $9.50
Fries Crossed Knives $9.50
Salad Crossed Knives, Qty=6 $9.50
Dessert Crossed Knives, Qty=6 $9.50
Prep Crossed Knives, Qty=6 $9.50
Sandwich Crossed Knives, Qty=5 $9.50
Dish Crossed Knives $9.50
Px Microphone, Qty=10 $9.50
Expo Stop Light (European HRC's only), Qty=5 $9.75


New Hands Around the Globe Trainer's Pin, Qty=9 $9.50
Trainer Guitar - Telecaster long since discontinued, Qty=7 $46
Train the Planet over Red Bar Trainer's Award Pin, Qty=4 $31
Train the Planet over Gold Bar Trainer's Award Pin $46


1 Year Las Vegas Hotel TCB $19
1 Year Peter Morton TCB   Qty=13 $21
1 Year Sterling Silver Service Pin, Qty=19   REDUCED $9.50
2 Year Sterling Silver Service Pin, Qty=18  REDUCED $9.75
3 Year Peter Morton TCB, Qty=29 $31
3 Year Sterling Silver Service Pin, Qty=5 $19
4 Year Sterling Silver Service Pin, Qty=11 $24
4 Year Sterling Silver Service Pin, Original one with no stamp on back $31
5 Year Sterling Silver Service Pin Lg. Logo, Qty=8 $31
5 Year Sterling Silver Service Pin Sm. Logo, Qty=3 $33.50
6 Year Sterling Silver Service Pin, Qty=3 $42.50
Original Handmade Amy Bach 6 Year Sterling Silver Service   REDUCED $63
7 Year Sterling Silver Service Pin, Qty=2 $51.50
Original Handmade Amy Bach 7 Year Sterling Silver Service, Qty=2   REDUCED $93
9 Year Sterling Silver Service Pin $67.50
10 Year Sterling Silver Service Pin, Qty=2 $121.50

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